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Jose Rizal manga gets a print edition!

It has been a year since the release of phenomenal heroic manga "Jose Rizal" in MANGA.CLUB
 Since then many people from around the globe have read and be touched by Jose's unwavering dedication to his home country. Thanks to that, We also have received many inquiries regarding the print edition of "Jose Rizal" manga. 
Today, on the day of "National Heroes Day" in Philippine, we want to announce that "Jose Rizal" manga will finally come in print! The publishing is being handled by a major publisher in Philippine, Anvil Publishing and can already be pre-ordered through their website:
Currently, that is the only way to order this manga but the book will soon hit the bookstores in Philippine.
We will give an updated when there's a new development.
Thank you for supporting "Jose Rizal" manga and we hope this book will have a special place in your heart ❤️

Harlequin Manga is now available in Indonesian

🇮🇩Harlequin Manga is now available in Indonesian 🇮🇩

MANGA.CLUB is a manga library frequently visited by readers
from many parts of the globe!
For the first time, MANGA.CLUB decided to bring manga collection
in a language other than English. We hope this small but
significant step can make MANGA.CLUB a more comfortable
place for Manga readers from all over the world!

Check 20 New Titles in Indonesian
New Updates every Thursday!

The First 3 Chapters is FREE to Read!

How to Get More Tickets? And read more FREE MANGA!

1st STEP
First of all, you need to be registered as a user!
As soon as you register, you will receive 10 free welcome tickets.

2nd STEP
After you become a user, you are eligible to receive free 3 daily tickets every day!
You just need to log in!

The tickets will be recharged 24 hours after you acquired your last tickets.
Please mind that your daily tickets will be expired within 24 hours,
so if you do not claim and use it by logging in, you will lose the tickets. 
Therefore, you could not accumulate your daily tickets.

3rd STEP
You ran out of your tickets in the middle of the story!
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Now you have more tickets in your pockets, use it to read these awesome titles!

Who Wants to Play?

The White Book

Jadou: The Corrupt Path

Tha Vampires Next Door

A Tyrant in The Classroom

Super Food Bowl

Leaving Our Truths to the Shooting Star

Masked Ambition: Death Ballade

Gourmet Glutton

Legend of Heaven's Door

Absolute Monarch Complex


Every Morning at 8

Pen Love

Lost Youth



Dragon Eye

Sasahito: Human Panda

Live-saver Jailbreak: Doctor Enma

Ryoji Renjo: Gourmet Detective

The Hand of Horus

Gift ±

The Merchant King



Seryo was born in a family of three women
who likes to order him around.

That's why he is so eager to leave the house
and go to a high school that has a dorm.
But when he's on the way to the library,
he bumped into a cute girl...

She is Maria Mizuki.
A cute, innocent, and angelic girl
who immediately captivates
Seryo's heart.

This is the beginning of Seiryo and Mizuki's
relationship. Who'd ever thought
they were aiming for the same school?
Must be fate.

But Mizuki is not the only Maria he met....

She is Maria Tomiya.
A cool beauty with a mysterious aura.
A total opposite of Mizuki.

She was a little bit scary for Seryo
but he couldn't forget her face.

She also ended up in the same
high school as Seiryo and Mizuki. 

Being surrounded by these two
beautiful Marias reminded Seiryo
about the two Madonnas...

Now his school days have officially started,
Seiryo is ready to spend a youthful
and free dorm life just like what he wanted!


Nope, for Seiryo it was not a heaven's blessing.
It was a punishment.

Well, there are two Marias in the girl's dorm
so maybe it was not that bad...

Kinda dangerous but...
Yes, it is definitely not that bad.

The two Marias might have a contrast
personality but they are in
a good relationship.

At least not in her back...

But Seryo believes Mizuki is the one
who had snatched her heart...
And apparently, she likes him too.

But when Tomiya
confronted him with her lonely feeling...
He felt like he wants to do something
for her...

But maybe, Maria Tomiya 
does not only seek for affection...

She also wants revenge.

Why did she hate the most lovely
girl Seryo has ever known?

When he cares for Mizuki,
he makes Tomiya lonely.
When he wants to make Tomiya feels
better, he hurts Mizuki. 

But both of them are precious for him...

Find out how their relationship
turns out for Free online
only at our site: MANGA.CLUB!



Yakyou has nothing.
Neither a job, house nor pride.
Not even proper clothes.

He was ready to die of cold wind.
Then an unexpected "angel" was
sent to him...

His name is Kiyoto.
Well, he is just a rich silly kid
with a weird taste in.. man.

When Yakyou thought he will never
have a second chance.
The angel gave his hand.
And Yakyou took it.

Little did he know it wasn't an angel's hands!
It was an Incubus'!

Yakyou knew he could resist
the devil temptation if he wanted.
But it was too late already...

He has been caught
by the young blood who has
everything but love.

Yakyou officially became the plaything
of the naughty young master!
Thanks to Kiyoto, he did get a proper job, 
but not without consequences...

It probably will be not such an issue
for Yakyou if maybe...
maybe... Kiyoto can be a little shy
with his kink.

Now even Yakyou has lost his control...
He even broke a bed
in the middle of sex...

But a perfect body compatibility
does not mean they understand
each other.

Kiyoto has huge emotional baggage
due to his fate and position. 

Being a young successor is
not a bed of roses. 

Kiyoto has been alone for years in
an adult environment that only saw
him as an enemy.

He was forced to be mature
when he was just a child.

No one ever treats him gently, 
until he met with Yakyou. 

But Kiyoto's heart has been 
tightly closed for such a long time.
Can he trust true love?
Can he believe in Yakyou?

And Kiyoto's answer is... 

Find out their love story for Free online
only at our site: MANGA.CLUB!

MANGA RECOMMENDATION: It Begins with Goodbye


He was the mysterious guy
who sleeps with any man

But it was just a facade...

Because he is actually not a human!

What he wanted was not the sex
but a human's life force a.k.a
their "sexual desire"

Nobody supposed to know what he's
doing until this man caught him!

Not only he knew about Kei's secret,
but he also knew Kei in the past?

and how to satisfy him too.

Because it seems like Kei did not
remember this crazily hot hotel owner,
Shou, he was "forced" to stay
(with FREE "food" of course)

Then their endless hunger days

Not even an important business call
can stop their "eating" ritual.

Although their body connected, that
does not mean they already
trust each other...

Kei could not remember who he was
in the past. But Shou has always
remembered his sacred pact
he made when he was still a child.

But "remembering" is not the only issue
they have to solve.

A creature like Kei suddenly appears...

...And he brought bad news that may
jeopardize Shou's 20-years effort...

Were they already fated to be separated
since they first met?

Find out their love story for Free online
only at our site: MANGA.CLUB!



Everything is going so well for Urara Namita.
Good reputation at work and a
cute boyfriend to be married.


This stoic co-worker, Fudou won't
leave her alone!

Well, that's fine.
Since Urara has her boyfriend
that can comfort her, Maybe...

life can be dramatically changed in an instant!

She lost her boyfriend...

Her house...

And even her saving?!

It seems like the universe has
another plan for Urara...


Then the lively roomsharing started!

A heart-throbbing daily life!

He might be a cold guy,
but he is still a guy!

But when their hearts finally start to melt...

It froze back once again.

And in her weakest moment,
Fudou's cousin said something unexpected!

Will Urara and Fudou finally be together?!

Find out their love story for Free online
only at our site: MANGA.CLUB!

Brighten Your Day with Some Girl's love ~ 7 Yuri Manga You Can Read For Free ~

Yuri genre has its roots since around 70s and for years have been evolved as a niche genre with a specific audience. In the past years, Yuri manga gained a lot more attention from both Japan and overseas. From anime adaptation to the increasing number of titles, it seems like the era of Yuri manga is already near! Our staff also think that reading Yuri gives you a certain warm and gushy feeling you could not find in other manga. It just makes your day feel more colorful!

Thus, to brighten your day, here are 7 Yuri titles from MANGA.CLUB you can read for FREE!

1. Yuri Wall - Setaseta

Cute Girls ✓
Couple Variation ✓

Yes, the main character of this manga is a wall which had a past life as a Yuri fan. The wall spent the days by observing every couple who live in the apartment. Well, they wanted to make the couple happy, but also could not help fantasizing things on the process!! This is the funniest Yuri you will ever encounter! Totally Recommended!


2. Girl’s Cocoon - Kaiko Fuyumushi

Full Color ✓

Psychological ✓
Couple Variation ✓

This is a trilogy of beautiful, dangerous, and cruel truth between adolescent girls. If we are going to talk about intensity, this title might be eligible more for shojo-ai genre. But psychologically, this title reminded us of some of the past shojo manga that can genuinely portray the tension between young girls... Even though it might not always be a blatant love.


3. Immoral - Lin Yi

Angst ✓
Historical ✓

The premise of the story might seem dark and sad, but the relationship between Nian and Xin who support each other through their bad destiny is very beautiful. It has 2 chapters. Check it out!


4. Lily Marble - Kisugae

Story Variation ✓
Fun Relationship Development ✓

A long Yuri series that portrays various couples! The older woman who falls in love with a girl because she thought she is a boy? CHECKED. The two best friends that be a pretend-couple to heal their loneliness? CHECKED. Ex-couples who could not stop themselves desiring each other? CHECKED. A calm and collected gay girl who falls in love with a chaotic charming girl co-worker? CHECKED. TWO WORDS. READ THIS!


5. Smile, It’s Just A Dream - Torimura

Horror ✓
An ending that will make you smile ✓

Since this is a one-shot we could not spill much but don’t be afraid because that’s not the status quo. This is a manga that you wouldn’t realize it is a Yuri when you first read it.


6. Kotonoha - Kisugae

Reunion ✓
Love Triangle ✓

From the writer of Lily Marble. This time they wrote a more melodramatic story between two girls who had feelings for each other when they were high school. Now they meet again in the same company…


7. Lost Youth - Asahi Akeru

Love Triangle ✓
Friends-to-More than Friends??????? ✓

If you are a fan of Kuzu no Honkai ("Scum's Wish"), this manga gives you the same excitement! But if you don’t like a man involvement in girl’s relationship than maybe this is not for you. We still recommend it, tho!


How’s our list this time? Don’t forget to comment about your favorite Yuri manga in MANGA.CLUB!

A Question Towards Living ~ 5 Psychological Manga That Makes You Think About Mental Health ~

A dark thought is something that regularly visits a human's brain. But sometimes we tend to deny their existence and try to shove it away with a more positive thought. We forgot that there are times when we need to talk more about our hidden feeling. In this article, we have listed 5 Manga that makes you think more about the importance of Mental Health.

Listed Manga might contain suicidal thought, suicide attempt, and depression contents. If you are not comfortable with this kind of contents, please do not engage with any comic in this list.

1. Diary of My Daily Failures - Eriko Kobayashi

This is a comic essay based on the experience of Eriko Kobayashi who battled mental illness in her young days. She once needed to be accepted in a mental hospital and after that had to live with livelihood protection before she finally is able to become independent. "Diary of Daily Failures" is a 9 chapter Full-Color Manga that was written by Eriko herself. She presented her life in a comical tone, but still leave a deep impact on the readers' mind.

Read it HERE

2. The Euthanasia Facility - SeNMU

Unable to resist the bullying, Sayo decided to die by joining a government institution that facilitates euthanasia. She has a week to enjoy her last days, which she spent without feeling any regret about her choice. But did she really want to die? "The Euthanasia Facility" is a one-shot manga that will make you think about the moral of "Euthanasia." Should we end the life of someone, just because they said they want to "die"? Or should we look more into that?

Read it HERE

3. The Path I Walked - SeNMU

Another one-shot from SeNMU. "The Path I Walked" is a bizarre one-shot that showed an endless reincarnations cycle of a girl who never got satisfied with her life. When things are becoming rough to you, is there any wish better than restarting everything?

Read it HERE

4. I Don't Even Have Time to Live - Nakano

This is a series of Nakano's strange thoughts and experiences. Nakano is an artist who is on his medication to treat depression. His art style that is very prominent on black color might frighten you away, but Nakano's narration was cleverly written that a lot of them would make you feel relatable.

Read it HERE

5. Split Story - Kata Katoh

Sayo has another self she hates so much. A "self" that is a crybaby, desperate for attention, and tend to harm her own body. Sayo was in denial about her other self, even though she knows that it is indeed her. Until one day, she met Yuka, the first person who reached out to her. "Split Story" is a one-shot that will remind us to always reach out to someone, no matter how "fine" they looked on the outside.

Read it HERE

We hope you like this list! If you have any more suggestion, leave it in the comment!

Learn History From Yaoi Manga - 7 Best Historical Manga You Can Read For Free -

For some of us, learning history is more enjoyable if it was combined with the things we love, such as perhaps, Yaoi manga! In every era and generation, there is always that one story needs to be told about. Every period has a different taste that will make you able to tell them apart from the other. In this article, we will introduce you 7 Historical Yaoi Manga that will not just leave you with satisfying pleasure but also an unforgettable knowledge. And psst, you can read them for FREE!

1. Contract of Cherry Blossom Guilt by Fukiya Furo
Period: Jishou Era (1177 - 1181)

This Manga has three different stories that were based on The Tale of Heike. The first story is about the tragic relationship between Shunkan, an exiled priest and his young disciple, Ariou. The second one revolves around the struggles of Minamoto no Yoshitsune and his loyal retainer, Benkei in the war with the Taira Clan. The third story's main character is a monk who serves for Tsunemasa, the nephew of Taira no Kiyomori, who is also a prominent lute player (which he named; Seizan). If you are a fan of Japanese history and its folktales, then "Contract of Cherry Blossom" is a feast you should not miss.

Erotic: ★★★★
Dramatic: ★★★★★
Historical Knowledge: ★★★★★

You can read it here: MANGA.CLUB

2. Desert Flower by Azumi Moka
Period: Probably Before 10th Century

"Desert Flower" is set in a fictional empire that probably was inspired from "Romance of Three Kingdom". If you are fond of Chinese Historical aesthetic and a thrilling romance with cool action, then you are in the right place. This manga revolves around the forbidden romantic relationship between two warring generals, Samon and Byakuren. They were secretly meeting to make love from time to time until Byakuren's prince found out.
In this volume, there is also a one-shot, "Moments Away From The Dream", which is about two high school students got slipped into the Edo era and became lovers.

Erotic: ★★★★
Dramatic: ★★★★
Historical Knowledge: ★★

You can read it here: MANGA.CLUB

3. Saijiki - A Calendar of Poems - by Akio Shiba
Period: Bakumatsu Era (1853 - 1867)

The heroic tales of Shinsengumi have been retold in many media--from manga, anime, stage play to a live-action movie--for decades. Due to the close brotherhood between the group members, there are also several Yaoi manga with Shinsengumi as the characters, and one of them is "Saijiki - A Calendar of Poems." This manga focuses on the long-term relationship between the two commanders: the cool beauty, Toshizo Hijikata, and the strong and gentle, Isami Kondo.

Erotic Level: ★★
Drama Level: ★★★
Historical Knowledge: ★★★★

You can read it here: MANGA.CLUB

4. Time For A Kiss, Master by Seika Kisaragi
Period: Probably Victorian Era

Io began to work for Lord Kazar, who was betrayed by Io's brother, Ces and Kazar's friend. Although Kazar was cold to him at first, he started to smile again after spending time together with Io. But what will happen when Io found out about Kazar and Ces past relationship? Is he just a stand-in for his brother?
Time For A Kiss, Master might not have significant historical knowledge compare to the others on this list since it focuses more on the triangle (maybe square) love between the characters. It is a light and fast read that will not disappoint you.

Erotic Level: ★★★
Drama Level: ★★★★
Historical Knowledge: ★

You can read it here: MANGA.CLUB

5. A Tempest of Cage by Mikan Matsumoto
Period: Taisho Era

Yoshihisa has been searching for the man who "betrayed" his late brother for years and finally found him. In this surprising reunion, Yoshihisa wanted to clear up the mystery that has haunted him for years. Did that man betray his brother for... another man?
A conflict between the noble family, love and betrayal, and unresolved mysteries---A Tempest of Cage has a strong vibe of historical Hirudora (Hiru Dorama or Day-time TV drama. Usually is a long series and watched mainly by housewives) vibe, but this time, it is between the men and brothers.

Erotic Level: ★★★
Drama Level: ★★★★★
Historical Knowledge: ★★

You can read it here: MANGA.CLUB

6. Mask by Megumu Minami
Period: Before Second World War

The first story, "Mask", is about a comical but erotic relationship between Gene, a very skillful NYPD inspector and his dog-like assistant, Glenn. While the second story was set in Japan, Taisho era, involving two brothers from a noble family and Nobumichi, the older brother's best friend.
If you want to enjoy a fun and exciting light BL, then try "Mask"!

Erotic Level: ★★★★
Drama Level: ★★★
Historical Knowledge: ★

You can read it here: MANGA.CLUB

7. Ginza Neon Paradise by Unohana
Period: 1947-48 (Occupation of Japan)

"Ginza Neon Paradise" was set after the second world war, and our protagonist, Aoi is now working as a translator for the Allied. His best friend, Takahiko, who had been missing since the war ended, suddenly appear in front of Aoi. At once, the anger, sadness, and longing Aoi had been bearing, bursts. What has actually happened to Takahiko? And what will become of them now?

Erotic Level: ★★★★★
Drama Level: ★★★★★
Historical Knowledge: ★★★★

You can read it here: MANGA.CLUB

Of course, there are still many more interesting Yaoi manga with historical themes out there. This list will be updated from time to time! Hope you enjoy this.

Want to enjoy other Yaoi genre? Go here

MANGA.CLUB Twitter Campaign


Hi Members,
We hope you all are enjoying MANGA.CLUB!
Do you know that we also active on Twitter?
Every day we tweet about the newest and hottest manga from our website and also the most awaited limited-time campaign!
As an official manga website, we still have many things to work on, and one of them is our connection with the users. Therefore, talking in social media might help to shorten the gap between you, the readers, and us! You can ask us about your favorite titles, joining our regular polling, or following our updates on new manga event and service in Japan!
Therefore, to make it more festive, we are holding a Twitter Campaign which means that the more followers we have on Twitter, the more benefits that you can get!

5 Tickets
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More to come…

Don't forget to retweet and share about @Mangadotclub so you can get more benefits faster!

MANGA.CLUB BLOG VOL. 10 : “Jose Rizal" Serialization!

Dear members,

I hope everyone is having a great day!
This time, we're going to feature something that is a little bit new.. and different in
For the past five days, we have been receiving great exposure for our upcoming title.
Yes, you probably have seen the banner, right?
Today we are going to have a release for new original manga: Jose Rizal!
"Jose Rizal" manga is an idea born from the collaboration between Japanese manga company, TORICO and a Philippine Corporation, CREATIVE CONNECTIONS & COMMONS Inc. (CCC). Co-authored by Takahiro Matsui (Story) and Ryo Konno (Art), this manga about the Philippine national hero, Jose Rizal will be released in his birthday today (June 19). The free serialization can be enjoyed through (Japanese) and MANGA.CLUB (English) every Tuesday.

In the land now known as the Philippines, there was a time when colonial Spain ruled for more than 300 years. During a period when native Filipinos once called Indios were oppressed, exploited, and stripped of their human rights, Jose Rizal was born on the outskirts of Manila.
"What does it mean to be a Filipino?"
"Is it possible to incite change through knowledge and not violence?"
He thought of those every day.
A doctor, novelist, and a painter who can speak 15 languages, Jose Rizal is a legendary figure who brought about national revolution through one epic novel!

Release Schedule:
First Chapter
Part 1 June 19, 2018 (Tuesday)
Part 2 June 26, 2018 (Tuesday)
Part 3 July 3, 2018 (Tuesday)
Next Chapters


About the Creators
Artist: Ryo Konno
The awardee of "Spirits Award" (2013) which is the highest category in the prestigious award event. His most known works are MOSH-PIT (4 Volumes) and Kichiku no Machi (On Going).

Writer: Takahiro Matsui
Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1975. For a decade from 2003 to 2014, he taught Japanese in Philippine and Thailand. He also has a deep interest in Southeast Asia.
Comment from, Takuro Ando, TORICO president
After we established "MANGA.CLUB", I began to think of many methods to popularize Japanese Manga attractiveness to the global audience. I happened to walk in Hibiya Park and saw Jose Rizal's statue there. It sparked an interest in me, and I began to research about him, and finally, this project is finalized.
After knowing more about Jose Rizal, I learned that he didn't only have a significant impact on Philippines or Japan but all over the world! Therefore, I want to bring his magnificent career in 35 years of his life into broader audience across the globe through Manga as the media.

MANGA.CLUB BLOG VOL. 8 : “Yamamoto Kotetsuko Exhibition"

Hello, members!

How was your weekend?
Ours was kinda busy with the preparation of new exhibition.
Yes, this time we hold a special exhibition of Yamamoto Kotetsuko, a popular mangaka that has been producing many series in the last decade!

One of her masterpieces is Honto Yajuu (Like a Beast) that has been serialized for 10 years. Last week the latest volume (vol.11) was finally released! Honto Yajuu is a romantic comedy story between a cool and gentle Police officer, Ueda Tomoharu and a cute but fierce Yakuza family’s son, Gotouda Aki.

The staffs put so much efforts to make this police station display huhu. One that struck me the most is this timecard!! Ueda you probably never took a day off, huh? And also the fake gun! Even our cool superior was having fun with this stuff yesterday.

Another popular work from them is Omairi desu yo which story revolves around two brothers from Buddhist temple family that have their own clumsy romantic relationship with the shopping district’s shops heirs. And this is the altar where they usually pray when visiting citizen’s house. You can also get special Omikuji (Fortune paper) with character drawing! And the left picture shows where the main character usually chant sutra (Yuuji usually chants when he felt upset. While crying of course).

As always, the decoration and the illustration display are satisfying. You can't admire all of these in a short time. I even forgot that Yamamoto-sensei actually had many erotic illustrations due to their super cute and fluffy story, haha!

And of course, the special goods are also top-notch! One of the highlights is this towel! I mean this is the towel that Saburou, Yuuji’s boyfriend has been using when working in his tofu shop!

What a satisfying exhibition. I guess our staffs are becoming more skillful in presenting a great experience for manga fans!
If you happen to be in Tokyo, please visit TORICO!

And yes, next exhibition will be “Kachi COMI Bakutansai” or Kachi COMI Bursting Festival!
Kachi COMI is a new BL magazine that focuses on violence, Yankee, delinquent, yakuza story which are not very new in BL scene but quite surprising since this is a serialized magazine!

This is the end of our report!
Let’s meet again in the next post! And don't forget to read our free manga! We have many new titles this week!

Merry (

MANGA.CLUB BLOG VOL. 6 : “Kusabi Keri Exhibition"

Hello, members!

How’s your Monday? Although the Golden Week Holiday is over, TORICO is still in a festive mood!

Today is the sixth day of Kusabi Keri Exhibition. Phew, I’m trying my best to keep calm while writing this report but I actually can’t.. because this is probably the best exhibition TORICO ever has!

For those who are into Omegaverse will certainly know Kusabi Keri! She is one of the rising stars in BL manga scene that are known for her Erotic angst plot and attractive couples. Her best-known manga is probably Kurui Naku no Ha Boku no Ban. It is an Omegaverse-theme BL set in elite corporation full of Alphas, a place that is certainly not safe for Omega. The manga portrays two main couples. The first one is the couple of Karasuma Miyabi, an elite Omega that uses his body to protect his position in the industry, and Takaba Keisuke, an alpha newcomer that can’t leave his boss alone. While the second is the couple of Sasabe Sumito, a new Omega employee that has the ambition to reach the top but could not bear the idea to use his body, and Utou, the beta that has been helping Karasuma before Takaba comes. Their relationships are very complicated and deep, but at the same time also sexy and unbearable… The portrayal of the characters in imagined-omegaverse also very on-point and easy to understand even for the omegaverse newbie. And since the series has new DRAMA CD, we’re holding exhibition and book signing event to commemorate that!

Look at this amount of flowers and how creative it is… What a lovely bird cage:”) She is really so loved by many people, right?

The center decoration is the best sight, indeed. I think seeing this magically turns my skin clearer and put my life in order. What a bless.

I lost myself in these clothes display— Okay boys you're all adults and need to clean up your rooms- But thank you. This is our life support /ahem. But seriously, the nametag? The pills? I feel like a thief accidentally entering these couples houses when they are-- together somewhere. I’m going crazy here, Manga10 staffs, you are the best! This is more real than VR, hehe. By the way they have a lot of aromatherapy machine in the rooms which letting out our lovely character's scent. When I took this, it was Takaba's scent. Grape Hyacinth flower that is indeed suitable for mild ikemen.

And this one is the legendary AR (augmented reality) mirror. So if you buy this mirror and install AR application, you will get a camera stamp of the couple on your phone that you can use anywhere! So you can stroll through the human scramble in Shibuya or Shinjuku-gyoen park and take date photos for them! ;”)

This is the main display for the sketch, character sheet, and illustrations. It was a paradise. I mean, her art is such a blessing for BL citizen.

AND HERE’S THE GOODS LINE UP. THESE AMOUNT OF CREATIVITY IS OVER THE TOP. Total satisfaction for every fan. And you probably won’t see this much love and appreciation for Kusabi Keri other than in Torico.

Next exhibition is Yamamoto Kotetsuko’s (May 12-20)! She is also a long-time superstar in modern BL manga scene.

While waiting for the next report, you can enjoy our newest manga this week: Stories from the Shopping District and ARK that we already introduced in the last volume. The more you read in manga.CLUB, the more you can contribute to the industry!


MANGA.CLUB BLOG VOL.4: "Kawai Touko Exhibition"

Hello, members!

Part of the world is having a holiday today! Japan has entered the Golden Week holiday, but technically it's still a working day.
Complicated, isn't it? But we're not here to confuse you. Last week, we had another exhibition to commemorate the release of Kawai Touko's newest manga Marble.

You must be familiar with her name if you're a BL fan. One of her most famous work is probably Shizuku Hanabira Ringo no Kaori which was run in Be-boy magazines in 2008. She was known for her skill in story-telling which appeals to the adult audiences while still maintaining the fluffy innocent soul of Boys Love. 

Marble's story is set in a European restaurant. Komori, a diligent and skillful chef was the one in charge, but he is clumsy and does not possess a good social skill. That's why, without Kaji the Sommelier, they could not run the restaurant well. Slowly, Komori's trust to Kaji is probably blossoming into something more... And Kaji is probably not the best person that can properly read that. 

Various mangas written by Kawai Touko are also featured in the display. All her BL works are published under Be-boy comics. Her other works are: Ano Kado wo Magatta Tokoro, Cafe Latte Rhapsody, Cut, Keijijou na bokura, Kurumi no Naka, Bondz, and many more. 

This time I found something different in TORICO exhibition, yes, the informative boards! What a blessing for knowledge-thirsty fan! The left one is a board of a Q&A with the authors, while the right one is the description of her comic so far. 

And of course, what's TORICO exhibition without our special goods? If you are lucky, sometimes the goods will also be sold in our Japanese website:  Horin Love Books.  

There it is! This week we have another exhibition of Kusabi Keri, the author of popular Omegaverse BL, Kurui Naku no Ha Boku no Ban. Next week we're going to give the report to you all! And also, start from today we're having many new releases. You can take a glimpse of the new titles in our previous blog

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MANGA.CLUB BLOG VOL.3: "New Releases Festival in Golden Week!"

Hello Members!

Next week in Japan, we’re having long break called “Golden Week”! I’m sure a lot of Manga lovers have encountered the term in manga once or two. But what exactly is Golden Week? It is probably the longest holiday period for most Japanese workers, longer than Obon holidays in August or even the New Year holidays. In July 1948, Japan declared nine official holidays, and many of them concentrated in the last week of April and the first week of May. Indeed, many leisure and entertainment industries are making huge profits from the period. Thus the “Golden” name is being attached to this week! Now, the holidays celebrated in the Golden Week consist of these days:

Showa Day (April 29)
Constitution Memorial Day (May 3)
Greenery Holiday (May 4)
Children’s Day (May 5)

If weekend falls in the transition from April to May and after May 5, then it can even last until nine days! Therefore, To celebrate the week, decided to have a consecutive new serializations start from May 1 to May 7!

May 1: A.D.A by N.G
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Science Fiction, Family
Category: BUZ
Rating: 10+

The discovery of SA cells triggered a dramatic advance and collapse in human civilization. The new sentient, Adams build and control the new society, pushing the rebelling Anti-netters’s appearance. Young Eda and his father have been living in secret for years, although he was never sure if he was an Anti-netter. When he finally kept in the prison of Anti-netter, Eda finally comes close to the truth of the new society.

Staff's Comment: A.D.A is an excellent Shounen read! I'm not good with sci-fi genre, but this keeps me hooked up! Check it out, members!

May 2: Chimasan’s Trinket Box by Emi Fukasaku
Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, Friendship
Category: FUN
Rating: All Ages

Welcome! Hand-crafted cute little things are the specialty of Chima-san’s shop! Although the owner might be a little strange, Toriko cannot hold herself to come back. Along with other lively customers, what kind of wonderful encounters will she have here? Will Toriko’s dream to open her shop got realized?

Staff Comment: Anyone who has read Emi Fukasaku's manga on our sites will know what to expect. Yes, it's a fun and addicting daily lives manga! But I would say this is probably her best work since all the characters are just perfectly adorkable!

May 3: Gourmet Glutton! by Shigeru Tsuchiyama
Genre: Cooking, Action, Drama, Seinen, Friendship, Comedy
Category: BUZ
Rating: 13+

At first, Mantaro Ohara was just an ordinary salaryman with slightly bigger appetite. For Mantaro, eating is something to be enjoyed, and the idea of food battle does not sound attractive to him. But his meeting in Pork Cutlet store with the professional competitive eater, George Hunter, gradually changed his view and passion towards gourmet competition... And they probably would not let this unexpected "dark horse" escape either.

Staff's Comment: I had a hard time reading recipes in the cooking manga, so I'm not excited at first, BUT Gourment Glutton is more about eating competition and I love that! And I keep demanding for more because not only I can feel second-satisfaction by seeing the character's huge appetite, but the rivalry between the competitor is just wonderfully depicted. The characters are all adults, but their fierce ambition is as hot as youngsters. Especially Mantaro, the main character... is probably one of the best protagonists in seinen manga I've ever seen. His dramatic character development is very vital to the manga!

May 4
: Repeating Your End Together by Seiju Natsumegu

Category: BUZ
Genre: Romance, Science Fiction, Comedy, Drama
Rating: 10+

"Things I wanted to re-do seem to be endless..." An elite Office Lady, Komori, has a unique ability to do minimum time looping but the limit suddenly turn into 10 years when she got in an accident. The one who greets her in the high-school-past was that man, who had live in Komori's heart for a long time... sometimes remembered as a smiling nerd, sometimes as a lifeless body that Komori couldn't save.

Staff's comment:
This one is really interesting! I'm sure there have been a lot of similar themes before, but the relationship between the two main characters are adding heavy spices which taste I can't forget! Anyone craving for Shounen with the high dose of romance needs to read this!

May 5: Shizumu, the Imaginary Girl by Fruits Suzuki
Category: FUN
Genre: Surrealism, Comedy, School Life, Supernatural
Rating: 13+

Shizumu-chan is a very delicate girl. Literally. She doesn't fit into the crowd. Not without reason. She also resembles you in a way. That might surprise you....

Staff's comment:
This one might look like your usual cute manga, but Shizumu-chan is more "weird" in a positive way. It's like you are laughing, but underneath you notice that there's a deeper meaning than just jokes here.

May 6: Fermata Life by Emi Fukasaku
Category: FUN
Genre: Friendship, Drama, Supernatural
Rating: All Ages

Welcome to "Fermata," a star that acts as the boundary between worlds. Sometimes a dead soul in the earth will come to this planet. Freshly coming from her death, Mirako now began her extraordinary second life with Nico, a cheerful and kind girl, who has been observing Mariko's fate all this time.

Staff's comment:
It will magically make you smile!

May 7: Days Days by Hinauta
Category: FUN
Genre: Comedy, Romance, School Life, Friendship
Rating: All Ages

Due to excessive excitement when introducing herself in the new school, Masumi Mame ended up being called Daizu instead. Now she was known as the "soybean" girl; it seems like more weird and quirky schoolfellows are interested in getting along with her. "Days Days" is a 4-panel comic of the comedic high school days that is both entertaining and of course, very extra...

Staff Comment:
I expect the main character to be the center of the comedy, well she is, but so does the rest of the characters. Days Days is an ensemble of weirdest high schooler casts that involves awkward romance and friendship dramas!

Phew, so much exciting new titles, right? But the May's surprises do not end here, hehe, we will inform more you next time.

Don't forget to comment, review, and share our mangas! is an official provider of free translated manga that keeps developing! So we need support from everyone! Who knows maybe next time it's your favorite manga that would be added here.

See you next time,

MANGA.CLUB BLOG VOL.2: "Shounen Ashibe 30th Anniversary & Commemoration for Seishonen Ashibe Release Exhibition"

Happy Monday from the center of Tokyo! will also cover various manga exhibitions happening at our headquarter: Space Torico in Tokyo! During the weekend, we've had an exhibition for the 30th Anniversary of "Shounen Ashibe".

International manga fans might not be that familiar with the "Shounen Ashibe" series, but it is one of the classic 4-Koma manga for children that was first serialized between 1988 to 1994. The manga illustrates a family and friendship that revolves around the life of Ashibe-chan with his cute pet seal, Goma-chan!

Shounen Ashibe also has a sequel that still ongoing, COMAGOMA, and also has been adapted to anime several times (the first one was in the 90s, and the continuation is being broadcasted by NHK since 2016).

Last year, another sequel to Shounen Ashibe started serialization,Seishounen Ashibe, which like its title is revolving around "Seishounen" which is the life of teen Ashibe and his friends! The artist for this sequel is Shohei, which also being active as BL mangaka under a different pen name.

As a foreigner myself, I also did not know much about Shounen Ashibe, but the adorable Goma-chan is famous, and I've watched several episodes of the anime myself, but I was never aware that it is popular in Japan.

In Space Torico we've had quite a lot of people from around the world to enjoy the exhibition! The staffs did a great job in decorating the venue, so good that I could spend hours to enjoy the art. I mean, when I saw the Yeti (a prominent character in Shounen Ashibe that was introduced because one of the MC moved to Nepal) in the chairs I just couldn't be calm. It's really fluffy and simply, adorable. 

The Exhibitions feature the manga pages from both "Shounen Ashibe" and "Seishounen Ashibe" series, and some of it even have.. ehem.. secret feature like hidden sketch behind! And of course, one of the best things about TORICO's exhibition is always... the GOODS CORNER! It is all really cute and well-designed... Even if you aren't really familiar with the series, I think many will get tempted to buy the merchandise (especially Goma-chan!).

In Space Torico, manga exhibitions are held all year around. And of course, we will share every moment of it here! With more to come, enjoy our manga collections in! Because by supporting, you are also supporting the manga industry.

See you in the next post, then!


MANGA.CLUB BLOG VOL.1: "We're Starting a Staff Blog!"

Hello, MANGA.CLUB members!

Thank you for enjoying, we are excited to share the fun of manga with everyone!

We’ve decided to start a blog to further share how we enjoy manga and the experience behind, and everything else we offer at TORICO. Our new blog will be updated twice a week by our two staffs, from the heart of Tokyo!

To celebrate our brand new challenge, we've brought good news for all manga fans out there - especially the Fujoshi!
One of our most loved category in - BL mangas, will expect a few new titles to be released very soon!

There will be two BL titles that are originally published by us, which you can already access with our Japanese manga service, Sukima:

  1. Shoutengai Monogatari (“Stories from the Shopping District”) by Sanba Maekawa.
  2. Kotaeawase (“Matching our Answers”) by Hikaru Murayoshi

As a BL Manga fan myself, I was surprised with the freshness and originality of the two titles. It is something you rarely see in BL manga.

When I read Shoutengai Monogatari for the first time, I was attracted to the clean art and unique setting. The characters also interesting, it’s like they are pure and naughty at the same time, haha. Kotaeawase is more dramatic and angsty, but the art-style is very... cute and beautiful that made me wanna cry my eyes out. Can’t wait to see more from both series!

This month, we also have a bunch of new manga, especially from the "Gourmet" scene. We have two new mangas from Shigeru Tsuchiyama - one of the most well-known food manga-ka in Japan

Super Food Bowl and Bakumeshi! Both are making me hungry so I tried to avoid it at first... but I just can’t.. with this temptation… /cry

Of course, other titles are slated to come, but if you tell us (with reviews and comments) what kind of manga you want to see in, we'll fulfill your desire in the near future.

Also, if you happen to be around Tokyo, you probably want to come visit our weekly manga exhibition (FREE ADMISSION) here in "space TORICO", in Iidabashi.

You can check the schedule here.

Don’t forget to check back to for new releases every day! 

Till we meet again,