MANGA.CLUB BLOG VOL. 5 : “New Releases For 2nd Week of May!”


Dear Members,

Another good news!
Next Week we have two more new titles that will be serialized!

Ahem, On Wednesday (May 9) we have “Stories from Shopping District” by Sanba Maekawa-sensei!

Genre: Boys Love, Romance, Cooking, Drama, Comedy, Friendship
Category: LUV
Rating: 13+

Summary: After hearing about his father's hospitalization, Shouta decided to leave his Pastaio job in Italy and inherit his family Western cuisine restaurant in Hurubita Shopping District. Not much has changed in the district, except probably his-used-to-be-innocent childhood friend, Makoto, who had now bloomed into an attractive guy everyone in the district wanted to sleep with. Makoto's casual sexual relationship with many young men in the district kinda drives Shouta crazy, but maybe... Just maybe Makoto still saves some of his innocence for the guy who hadn't been home for 7 years.

Staff Comment: Should you give this series a chance? YES OF COURSE. Neat Art, Fresh Plot, Interesting Setting, Pure Couples, and Unpredictable Scenes! Go read this one!

Next, on May 11, we have “ARK,” another full colored thrilling manhwa by Pubo!

Genre: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Supernatural
Category: BUZ
Rating: 10+

After a massive earthquake, five ancient ruins containing minerals "Arkdite" that has enormous energy, appeared on the earth. The world are having heated debated on what exactly these ruins about. Is this another blessing of civilization or a sleeping apocalypse... "ARK" is a full-colored comic that would please not only your eyes but also your thirst for thrills...

Staff Comment:
I should say that the coloring skill of Pubo is more remarkable in this one! I could stare at one page for a loooong time because it was all so well done. Remember Oblation? It was indeed a horror series, made to make you shiver. ARK is an action-oriented science fiction… But it still makes your heart thump and chills your bones as if it's a Horror!

That’s all for this week! Don’t forget to rate, review, comment, and share our mangas!
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