MANGA.CLUB BLOG VOL. 9 : “Ticket System Launching"


Hello, everyone!

It’s been a long time since our latest update!

I’m sure you all have realized it but has established a new system today! The Ticket and Coin system.

  • Every time you sign in to within 24 hours, you will get three tickets that can be used to read 3 chapters of your favorite manga.
  • If you ran out of your ticket, you can wait for 24 hours to recharge it again, or you can go buy a coin!
  • Some chapters are only available to read with coin but will be free when it first came out! So go read it while it's hot!

For more details, please go to our FAQ Page:

We’re hoping that with this new system, we can support the manga industry better than before!

So does Manga club stop being FREE? Hm, partly.

But don’t worry! The first chapter of every manga is always available for FREE. Thus, our One Shot collections too are freely available for everyone at any time!

And the newest chapter of every manga will be FREE until the next update! Yay! As long as you keep track on the release schedule, you can still enjoy like before!

We’re going to have a lot of (And we really mean it) new great titles starting from next week, so take a note on the schedule and enjoy!

Best regards, staff




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