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Jose Rizal manga gets a print edition!

It has been a year since the release of phenomenal heroic manga "Jose Rizal" in MANGA.CLUB
 Since then many people from around the globe have read and be touched by Jose's unwavering dedication to his home country. Thanks to that, We also have received many inquiries regarding the print edition of "Jose Rizal" manga. 
Today, on the day of "National Heroes Day" in Philippine, we want to announce that "Jose Rizal" manga will finally come in print! The publishing is being handled by a major publisher in Philippine, Anvil Publishing and can already be pre-ordered through their website:
Currently, that is the only way to order this manga but the book will soon hit the bookstores in Philippine.
We will give an updated when there's a new development.
Thank you for supporting "Jose Rizal" manga and we hope this book will have a special place in your heart ❤️

Harlequin Manga is now available in Indonesian

🇮🇩Harlequin Manga is now available in Indonesian 🇮🇩

MANGA.CLUB is a manga library frequently visited by readers
from many parts of the globe!
For the first time, MANGA.CLUB decided to bring manga collection
in a language other than English. We hope this small but
significant step can make MANGA.CLUB a more comfortable
place for Manga readers from all over the world!

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