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右記投稿者からの投稿を見る 5月, 2018

MANGA.CLUB BLOG VOL. 8 : “Yamamoto Kotetsuko Exhibition"

Hello, members!

How was your weekend?
Ours was kinda busy with the preparation of new exhibition.
Yes, this time we hold a special exhibition of Yamamoto Kotetsuko, a popular mangaka that has been producing many series in the last decade!

One of her masterpieces is Honto Yajuu (Like a Beast) that has been serialized for 10 years. Last week the latest volume (vol.11) was finally released! Honto Yajuu is a romantic comedy story between a cool and gentle Police officer, Ueda Tomoharu and a cute but fierce Yakuza family’s son, Gotouda Aki.

The staffs put so much efforts to make this police station display huhu. One that struck me the most is this timecard!! Ueda you probably never took a day off, huh? And also the fake gun! Even our cool superior was having fun with this stuff yesterday.

Another popular work from them is Omairi desu yo which story revolves around two brothers from Buddhist temple family that have their own clumsy romantic relationship with the shopping district’s shops heirs. And this is the altar where they usually pray when visiting citizen’s house. You can also get special Omikuji (Fortune paper) with character drawing! And the left picture shows where the main character usually chant sutra (Yuuji usually chants when he felt upset. While crying of course).

As always, the decoration and the illustration display are satisfying. You can't admire all of these in a short time. I even forgot that Yamamoto-sensei actually had many erotic illustrations due to their super cute and fluffy story, haha!

And of course, the special goods are also top-notch! One of the highlights is this towel! I mean this is the towel that Saburou, Yuuji’s boyfriend has been using when working in his tofu shop!

What a satisfying exhibition. I guess our staffs are becoming more skillful in presenting a great experience for manga fans!
If you happen to be in Tokyo, please visit TORICO!

And yes, next exhibition will be “Kachi COMI Bakutansai” or Kachi COMI Bursting Festival!
Kachi COMI is a new BL magazine that focuses on violence, Yankee, delinquent, yakuza story which are not very new in BL scene but quite surprising since this is a serialized magazine!

This is the end of our report!
Let’s meet again in the next post! And don't forget to read our free manga! We have many new titles this week!

Merry (

MANGA.CLUB BLOG VOL. 7 : “May 3rd Week New Titles"

Dear Members!

How was your day?
Tokyo has been raining this week and the summer-like temperature last week now feels just like a fantasy..
Nevertheless, we’re still excited to inform you a lot of new titles next week!

1. Matching Our Answers - Hikaru Murayoshi (Tuesday, May 15)

Genre: Boys Love, Angst, Friendship, Drama, Manga
Category: LUV
Rating: 13+

Summary: On that night he was driven out to the street, Ritsuya met his eternal admiration, Mayato. It was just a short meeting, but these two boys in pain finally found the best comfort on each other, sealing their bond for the years after. But, how would they survive in the world of irresponsible adults? "Matching our Answers" is a modern BL with a taste of classic unfortunate children folk tales that resolves on the idea of love and pain...

Staff Comment: I don’t know but this series kinda reminds me of Hans Christian Andersen’s Match Girl or Dickens’s Oliver Twist but in contemporary Japan. It is heart-wrenching seeing these kids’ struggle, but their deep bonds made me believe that they would be okay! The author’s art style is also unique and matches with the theme. I really can’t wait to see more development!

2. Breaking Point - Rabi Motoya (Wednesday, May 16)

Genre: Teens Love, Drama, Violence, Crime, Manga
Category: LUV
Rating: 16+

Summary: Mina, the prestigious daughter of a conglomerate chairman, finds herself the unlikely accessory to a crime that lands her in a remote island prison. Trapped in hell free of hope and human decency, will she reach her breaking point?

Staff Comment: I would say that this manga is not a manga that you would enjoy for fun, but for the constant drama and depressing situation. Breaking Point is longer than usual TL we have in so it has more rooms for more plot and character development.

3. Dreamnotes - Yasuyuki Oshima (Friday, May 18)

Genre: Shounen, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Friendship, Manga
Category: BUZ
Rating: 10+

Summary: Excessive sleepiness never seems like letting Nattsu, the 14-years old boy has a normal dream. Every time his eyes shut, his world changes into a cloudy dimension with bizarre creatures and strange humans. What is exactly Nattsu's purpose in that world? Why does he keep getting more drowsy? Will someday our MC found out why he was called "Mr. Dreamnotes"? Indeed, Dreamnotes is your starter shounen with unique artworks and charming concept, a gem that would not disappoint.

Staff Comment: This one has an attractive drawing suitable for the dreamy story! You got mystery, adventure, cool battle, and awkwardly cute romance here! Full-packed shounen! Also, the main guy always feels sleepy… How more relatable this character can be? hehe.

4. Cooking - Murai (Saturday, May 19)

Genre: Horror, Surrealism, Slice of Life, Family, Manga
Category: CUL
Rating: 10+

Summary: Mom, I'm hungry, but I don't want anymore vegetable soup. Well, it's not like you will die if you don't eat vegetable, right?

Staff Comment: Cooking is your childhood nightmare that might seems laughable at first but will not allow you to forget… the unexplained fear at the end.

That’s all for next week! I hope every member has their favorites in!
Don’t forget to rate, comment, and review!
Always support!

Merry (

MANGA.CLUB BLOG VOL. 6 : “Kusabi Keri Exhibition"

Hello, members!

How’s your Monday? Although the Golden Week Holiday is over, TORICO is still in a festive mood!

Today is the sixth day of Kusabi Keri Exhibition. Phew, I’m trying my best to keep calm while writing this report but I actually can’t.. because this is probably the best exhibition TORICO ever has!

For those who are into Omegaverse will certainly know Kusabi Keri! She is one of the rising stars in BL manga scene that are known for her Erotic angst plot and attractive couples. Her best-known manga is probably Kurui Naku no Ha Boku no Ban. It is an Omegaverse-theme BL set in elite corporation full of Alphas, a place that is certainly not safe for Omega. The manga portrays two main couples. The first one is the couple of Karasuma Miyabi, an elite Omega that uses his body to protect his position in the industry, and Takaba Keisuke, an alpha newcomer that can’t leave his boss alone. While the second is the couple of Sasabe Sumito, a new Omega employee that has the ambition to reach the top but could not bear the idea to use his body, and Utou, the beta that has been helping Karasuma before Takaba comes. Their relationships are very complicated and deep, but at the same time also sexy and unbearable… The portrayal of the characters in imagined-omegaverse also very on-point and easy to understand even for the omegaverse newbie. And since the series has new DRAMA CD, we’re holding exhibition and book signing event to commemorate that!

Look at this amount of flowers and how creative it is… What a lovely bird cage:”) She is really so loved by many people, right?

The center decoration is the best sight, indeed. I think seeing this magically turns my skin clearer and put my life in order. What a bless.

I lost myself in these clothes display— Okay boys you're all adults and need to clean up your rooms- But thank you. This is our life support /ahem. But seriously, the nametag? The pills? I feel like a thief accidentally entering these couples houses when they are-- together somewhere. I’m going crazy here, Manga10 staffs, you are the best! This is more real than VR, hehe. By the way they have a lot of aromatherapy machine in the rooms which letting out our lovely character's scent. When I took this, it was Takaba's scent. Grape Hyacinth flower that is indeed suitable for mild ikemen.

And this one is the legendary AR (augmented reality) mirror. So if you buy this mirror and install AR application, you will get a camera stamp of the couple on your phone that you can use anywhere! So you can stroll through the human scramble in Shibuya or Shinjuku-gyoen park and take date photos for them! ;”)

This is the main display for the sketch, character sheet, and illustrations. It was a paradise. I mean, her art is such a blessing for BL citizen.

AND HERE’S THE GOODS LINE UP. THESE AMOUNT OF CREATIVITY IS OVER THE TOP. Total satisfaction for every fan. And you probably won’t see this much love and appreciation for Kusabi Keri other than in Torico.

Next exhibition is Yamamoto Kotetsuko’s (May 12-20)! She is also a long-time superstar in modern BL manga scene.

While waiting for the next report, you can enjoy our newest manga this week: Stories from the Shopping District and ARK that we already introduced in the last volume. The more you read in manga.CLUB, the more you can contribute to the industry!


MANGA.CLUB BLOG VOL. 5 : “New Releases For 2nd Week of May!”

Dear Members,

Another good news!
Next Week we have two more new titles that will be serialized!

Ahem, On Wednesday (May 9) we have “Stories from Shopping District” by Sanba Maekawa-sensei!

Genre: Boys Love, Romance, Cooking, Drama, Comedy, Friendship
Category: LUV
Rating: 13+

Summary: After hearing about his father's hospitalization, Shouta decided to leave his Pastaio job in Italy and inherit his family Western cuisine restaurant in Hurubita Shopping District. Not much has changed in the district, except probably his-used-to-be-innocent childhood friend, Makoto, who had now bloomed into an attractive guy everyone in the district wanted to sleep with. Makoto's casual sexual relationship with many young men in the district kinda drives Shouta crazy, but maybe... Just maybe Makoto still saves some of his innocence for the guy who hadn't been home for 7 years.

Staff Comment: Should you give this series a chance? YES OF COURSE. Neat Art, Fresh Plot, Interesting Setting, Pure Couples, and Unpredictable Scenes! Go read this one!

Next, on May 11, we have “ARK,” another full colored thrilling manhwa by Pubo!

Genre: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Supernatural
Category: BUZ
Rating: 10+

After a massive earthquake, five ancient ruins containing minerals "Arkdite" that has enormous energy, appeared on the earth. The world are having heated debated on what exactly these ruins about. Is this another blessing of civilization or a sleeping apocalypse... "ARK" is a full-colored comic that would please not only your eyes but also your thirst for thrills...

Staff Comment:
I should say that the coloring skill of Pubo is more remarkable in this one! I could stare at one page for a loooong time because it was all so well done. Remember Oblation? It was indeed a horror series, made to make you shiver. ARK is an action-oriented science fiction… But it still makes your heart thump and chills your bones as if it's a Horror!

That’s all for this week! Don’t forget to rate, review, comment, and share our mangas!
Your cooperation is all important for the future of manga industry!

Merry (

MANGA.CLUB BLOG VOL.4: "Kawai Touko Exhibition"

Hello, members!

Part of the world is having a holiday today! Japan has entered the Golden Week holiday, but technically it's still a working day.
Complicated, isn't it? But we're not here to confuse you. Last week, we had another exhibition to commemorate the release of Kawai Touko's newest manga Marble.

You must be familiar with her name if you're a BL fan. One of her most famous work is probably Shizuku Hanabira Ringo no Kaori which was run in Be-boy magazines in 2008. She was known for her skill in story-telling which appeals to the adult audiences while still maintaining the fluffy innocent soul of Boys Love. 

Marble's story is set in a European restaurant. Komori, a diligent and skillful chef was the one in charge, but he is clumsy and does not possess a good social skill. That's why, without Kaji the Sommelier, they could not run the restaurant well. Slowly, Komori's trust to Kaji is probably blossoming into something more... And Kaji is probably not the best person that can properly read that. 

Various mangas written by Kawai Touko are also featured in the display. All her BL works are published under Be-boy comics. Her other works are: Ano Kado wo Magatta Tokoro, Cafe Latte Rhapsody, Cut, Keijijou na bokura, Kurumi no Naka, Bondz, and many more. 

This time I found something different in TORICO exhibition, yes, the informative boards! What a blessing for knowledge-thirsty fan! The left one is a board of a Q&A with the authors, while the right one is the description of her comic so far. 

And of course, what's TORICO exhibition without our special goods? If you are lucky, sometimes the goods will also be sold in our Japanese website:  Horin Love Books.  

There it is! This week we have another exhibition of Kusabi Keri, the author of popular Omegaverse BL, Kurui Naku no Ha Boku no Ban. Next week we're going to give the report to you all! And also, start from today we're having many new releases. You can take a glimpse of the new titles in our previous blog

Don't forget to comment, rate, review, and share our mangas! Because your support is very important to keep the manga industry alive. Thank you and have a good day, members!




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