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A Question Towards Living ~ 5 Psychological Manga That Makes You Think About Mental Health ~

A dark thought is something that regularly visits a human's brain. But sometimes we tend to deny their existence and try to shove it away with a more positive thought. We forgot that there are times when we need to talk more about our hidden feeling. In this article, we have listed 5 Manga that makes you think more about the importance of Mental Health.

Listed Manga might contain suicidal thought, suicide attempt, and depression contents. If you are not comfortable with this kind of contents, please do not engage with any comic in this list.

1. Diary of My Daily Failures - Eriko Kobayashi

This is a comic essay based on the experience of Eriko Kobayashi who battled mental illness in her young days. She once needed to be accepted in a mental hospital and after that had to live with livelihood protection before she finally is able to become independent. "Diary of Daily Failures" is a 9 chapter Full-Color Manga that was written by Eriko herself. She presented her life in a comical tone, but still leave a deep impact on the readers' mind.

Read it HERE

2. The Euthanasia Facility - SeNMU

Unable to resist the bullying, Sayo decided to die by joining a government institution that facilitates euthanasia. She has a week to enjoy her last days, which she spent without feeling any regret about her choice. But did she really want to die? "The Euthanasia Facility" is a one-shot manga that will make you think about the moral of "Euthanasia." Should we end the life of someone, just because they said they want to "die"? Or should we look more into that?

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3. The Path I Walked - SeNMU

Another one-shot from SeNMU. "The Path I Walked" is a bizarre one-shot that showed an endless reincarnations cycle of a girl who never got satisfied with her life. When things are becoming rough to you, is there any wish better than restarting everything?

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4. I Don't Even Have Time to Live - Nakano

This is a series of Nakano's strange thoughts and experiences. Nakano is an artist who is on his medication to treat depression. His art style that is very prominent on black color might frighten you away, but Nakano's narration was cleverly written that a lot of them would make you feel relatable.

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5. Split Story - Kata Katoh

Sayo has another self she hates so much. A "self" that is a crybaby, desperate for attention, and tend to harm her own body. Sayo was in denial about her other self, even though she knows that it is indeed her. Until one day, she met Yuka, the first person who reached out to her. "Split Story" is a one-shot that will remind us to always reach out to someone, no matter how "fine" they looked on the outside.

Read it HERE

We hope you like this list! If you have any more suggestion, leave it in the comment!