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Seryo was born in a family of three women
who likes to order him around.

That's why he is so eager to leave the house
and go to a high school that has a dorm.
But when he's on the way to the library,
he bumped into a cute girl...

She is Maria Mizuki.
A cute, innocent, and angelic girl
who immediately captivates
Seryo's heart.

This is the beginning of Seiryo and Mizuki's
relationship. Who'd ever thought
they were aiming for the same school?
Must be fate.

But Mizuki is not the only Maria he met....

She is Maria Tomiya.
A cool beauty with a mysterious aura.
A total opposite of Mizuki.

She was a little bit scary for Seryo
but he couldn't forget her face.

She also ended up in the same
high school as Seiryo and Mizuki. 

Being surrounded by these two
beautiful Marias reminded Seiryo
about the two Madonnas...

Now his school days have officially started,
Seiryo is ready to spend a youthful
and free dorm life just like what he wanted!


Nope, for Seiryo it was not a heaven's blessing.
It was a punishment.

Well, there are two Marias in the girl's dorm
so maybe it was not that bad...

Kinda dangerous but...
Yes, it is definitely not that bad.

The two Marias might have a contrast
personality but they are in
a good relationship.

At least not in her back...

But Seryo believes Mizuki is the one
who had snatched her heart...
And apparently, she likes him too.

But when Tomiya
confronted him with her lonely feeling...
He felt like he wants to do something
for her...

But maybe, Maria Tomiya 
does not only seek for affection...

She also wants revenge.

Why did she hate the most lovely
girl Seryo has ever known?

When he cares for Mizuki,
he makes Tomiya lonely.
When he wants to make Tomiya feels
better, he hurts Mizuki. 

But both of them are precious for him...

Find out how their relationship
turns out for Free online
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