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New Yaoi Manga Collection

Hello Members!

A lot of time has passed since our last post here.
My name is Lin, new staff in MANGA.CLUB.
My English is not perfect, but I want to try. So please correct if I mistake.

Did you read last month's added Yaoi Manga already?
They are very popular, and they always ranked in "Today's Manga Ranking"!

I had selected and compiled 7title of New Yaoi Manga for the easy to find them!

All titles 1 Chapter Free, so just try it, if you haven't read them.
I bet you'll love it❤️




Yakyou has nothing.
Neither a job, house nor pride.
Not even proper clothes.

He was ready to die of cold wind.
Then an unexpected "angel" was
sent to him...

His name is Kiyoto.
Well, he is just a rich silly kid
with a weird taste in.. man.

When Yakyou thought he will never
have a second chance.
The angel gave his hand.
And Yakyou took it.

Little did he know it wasn't an angel's hands!
It was an Incubus'!

Yakyou knew he could resist
the devil temptation if he wanted.
But it was too late already...

He has been caught
by the young blood who has
everything but love.

Yakyou officially became the plaything
of the naughty young master!
Thanks to Kiyoto, he did get a proper job, 
but not without consequences...

It probably will be not such an issue
for Yakyou if maybe...
maybe... Kiyoto can be a little shy
with his kink.

Now even Yakyou has lost his control...
He even broke a bed
in the middle of sex...

But a perfect body compatibility
does not mean they understand
each other.

Kiyoto has huge emotional baggage
due to his fate and position. 

Being a young successor is
not a bed of roses. 

Kiyoto has been alone for years in
an adult environment that only saw
him as an enemy.

He was forced to be mature
when he was just a child.

No one ever treats him gently, 
until he met with Yakyou. 

But Kiyoto's heart has been 
tightly closed for such a long time.
Can he trust true love?
Can he believe in Yakyou?

And Kiyoto's answer is... 

Find out their love story for Free online
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MANGA RECOMMENDATION: It Begins with Goodbye


He was the mysterious guy
who sleeps with any man

But it was just a facade...

Because he is actually not a human!

What he wanted was not the sex
but a human's life force a.k.a
their "sexual desire"

Nobody supposed to know what he's
doing until this man caught him!

Not only he knew about Kei's secret,
but he also knew Kei in the past?

and how to satisfy him too.

Because it seems like Kei did not
remember this crazily hot hotel owner,
Shou, he was "forced" to stay
(with FREE "food" of course)

Then their endless hunger days

Not even an important business call
can stop their "eating" ritual.

Although their body connected, that
does not mean they already
trust each other...

Kei could not remember who he was
in the past. But Shou has always
remembered his sacred pact
he made when he was still a child.

But "remembering" is not the only issue
they have to solve.

A creature like Kei suddenly appears...

...And he brought bad news that may
jeopardize Shou's 20-years effort...

Were they already fated to be separated
since they first met?

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Learn History From Yaoi Manga - 7 Best Historical Manga You Can Read For Free -

For some of us, learning history is more enjoyable if it was combined with the things we love, such as perhaps, Yaoi manga! In every era and generation, there is always that one story needs to be told about. Every period has a different taste that will make you able to tell them apart from the other. In this article, we will introduce you 7 Historical Yaoi Manga that will not just leave you with satisfying pleasure but also an unforgettable knowledge. And psst, you can read them for FREE!

1. Contract of Cherry Blossom Guilt by Fukiya Furo
Period: Jishou Era (1177 - 1181)

This Manga has three different stories that were based on The Tale of Heike. The first story is about the tragic relationship between Shunkan, an exiled priest and his young disciple, Ariou. The second one revolves around the struggles of Minamoto no Yoshitsune and his loyal retainer, Benkei in the war with the Taira Clan. The third story's main character is a monk who serves for Tsunemasa, the nephew of Taira no Kiyomori, who is also a prominent lute player (which he named; Seizan). If you are a fan of Japanese history and its folktales, then "Contract of Cherry Blossom" is a feast you should not miss.

Erotic: ★★★★
Dramatic: ★★★★★
Historical Knowledge: ★★★★★

You can read it here: MANGA.CLUB

2. Desert Flower by Azumi Moka
Period: Probably Before 10th Century

"Desert Flower" is set in a fictional empire that probably was inspired from "Romance of Three Kingdom". If you are fond of Chinese Historical aesthetic and a thrilling romance with cool action, then you are in the right place. This manga revolves around the forbidden romantic relationship between two warring generals, Samon and Byakuren. They were secretly meeting to make love from time to time until Byakuren's prince found out.
In this volume, there is also a one-shot, "Moments Away From The Dream", which is about two high school students got slipped into the Edo era and became lovers.

Erotic: ★★★★
Dramatic: ★★★★
Historical Knowledge: ★★

You can read it here: MANGA.CLUB

3. Saijiki - A Calendar of Poems - by Akio Shiba
Period: Bakumatsu Era (1853 - 1867)

The heroic tales of Shinsengumi have been retold in many media--from manga, anime, stage play to a live-action movie--for decades. Due to the close brotherhood between the group members, there are also several Yaoi manga with Shinsengumi as the characters, and one of them is "Saijiki - A Calendar of Poems." This manga focuses on the long-term relationship between the two commanders: the cool beauty, Toshizo Hijikata, and the strong and gentle, Isami Kondo.

Erotic Level: ★★
Drama Level: ★★★
Historical Knowledge: ★★★★

You can read it here: MANGA.CLUB

4. Time For A Kiss, Master by Seika Kisaragi
Period: Probably Victorian Era

Io began to work for Lord Kazar, who was betrayed by Io's brother, Ces and Kazar's friend. Although Kazar was cold to him at first, he started to smile again after spending time together with Io. But what will happen when Io found out about Kazar and Ces past relationship? Is he just a stand-in for his brother?
Time For A Kiss, Master might not have significant historical knowledge compare to the others on this list since it focuses more on the triangle (maybe square) love between the characters. It is a light and fast read that will not disappoint you.

Erotic Level: ★★★
Drama Level: ★★★★
Historical Knowledge: ★

You can read it here: MANGA.CLUB

5. A Tempest of Cage by Mikan Matsumoto
Period: Taisho Era

Yoshihisa has been searching for the man who "betrayed" his late brother for years and finally found him. In this surprising reunion, Yoshihisa wanted to clear up the mystery that has haunted him for years. Did that man betray his brother for... another man?
A conflict between the noble family, love and betrayal, and unresolved mysteries---A Tempest of Cage has a strong vibe of historical Hirudora (Hiru Dorama or Day-time TV drama. Usually is a long series and watched mainly by housewives) vibe, but this time, it is between the men and brothers.

Erotic Level: ★★★
Drama Level: ★★★★★
Historical Knowledge: ★★

You can read it here: MANGA.CLUB

6. Mask by Megumu Minami
Period: Before Second World War

The first story, "Mask", is about a comical but erotic relationship between Gene, a very skillful NYPD inspector and his dog-like assistant, Glenn. While the second story was set in Japan, Taisho era, involving two brothers from a noble family and Nobumichi, the older brother's best friend.
If you want to enjoy a fun and exciting light BL, then try "Mask"!

Erotic Level: ★★★★
Drama Level: ★★★
Historical Knowledge: ★

You can read it here: MANGA.CLUB

7. Ginza Neon Paradise by Unohana
Period: 1947-48 (Occupation of Japan)

"Ginza Neon Paradise" was set after the second world war, and our protagonist, Aoi is now working as a translator for the Allied. His best friend, Takahiko, who had been missing since the war ended, suddenly appear in front of Aoi. At once, the anger, sadness, and longing Aoi had been bearing, bursts. What has actually happened to Takahiko? And what will become of them now?

Erotic Level: ★★★★★
Drama Level: ★★★★★
Historical Knowledge: ★★★★

You can read it here: MANGA.CLUB

Of course, there are still many more interesting Yaoi manga with historical themes out there. This list will be updated from time to time! Hope you enjoy this.

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